1 3/16 Brass Round Ikebana Kenzan,kr10br From Hollow Creek Bonsai

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Known by many different names Pin Frog, Flower Frog, Flower Spikes, Needle Holder and Kenzan it is a must for flower arranging enthusiasts. Flower frogs are reusable pieces of lead with small spikes that hold flowers in place within the arrangement. -Ikebana as an art formIkebana (ee-kay-bah-nah) is the art of Japanese flower arranging. The object is simply to create something of beauty for the delight of others and, in so doing, improve yourself. The artist sees it as a discipline of the inner spirit for the ultimate purification of the mind and heart. No judging of the work is conducted.Dating back to the 15th Century, this art form reflects three fundamental characteristics of Japanese thinking: an innate love of nature, an abiding love of line, and an instinctive love of symbolism. For the Japanese, flowers signify communion with the heart of nature.Through the centuries, ikebana has grown to incorporate 23 leading schools. The first, Ikenobo (15th Century), advocates using the natural bend of branches. This school, together with Sogetsu, Ohara and Misho would be considered the leading schools.The Sogetsu School has emerged as an exemplary contemporary school whose arrangements fit seamlessly in today’s modern and traditional d/cor. The goal of your arrangement is to create three levels of flowers — high, medium and low. The highest point should equal twice the width of your container, plus twice the height. The medium level is approximately 3/4 of the highest point, and the lowest point is 3/4 the height of the medium level. Asymmetry and the use of empty space is an essential feature to composition, so be sure not to clutter the arrangement with too many items. You can use any type of flower or branch to create your arrangement. But you should never use four of the same flower in a single arrangement. The tools for the art include a Kenzan (pin frog), Hasami (clippers or scissors ), and Hana (fresh flowers)



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