10 5/16-18 U.S.S. Steel Nutserts, Model:

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The Auveco Nutsert was developed to offer both the production-oriented designer and engineer a unique and versatile anchor nut-type insert for high-speed installation. This Auveco system gives the designer the option to design for blind or open applications, eliminating and simplifying his design problems.The Auveco Nutsert system provides a cost-saving method of installing clean, load-bearing steel threads in castings, fiberglass, fiberboard, plastics, wood or almost any ductile material more than .030 thick.A simple hand tool installs the Nutsert…it is ready for use in seconds… no finishing is required after installation.Auveco Nutsert’s advanced design offers unlimited grip range in a minimum of sizes…inventory is minimized to one body dimension per thread Size; ideally suited for blind…buried… and through holes. The ingenious taper-lock principle locks-in the Nutsert preventing spin or twist; installs in flat or curved surfaces and is self-tightening with repeated use. The unique design of the installation tool eliminates marring of the parent material surface.Material: Mild Steel, Cadmium Plated Minimum Grip: .030To Set Nutserts Use Tool A11805 & Conversion Kits Thread Size: 5/16-18 U.S.S.Recommended Nominal Hole Size: 1/2 Dimensions:A: .499B: .524L: .305M: .610C: Diameters Vary With Material Density In Blind ApplicationD: Dependent Upon Material Thickness And Application10 Per Package



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