Aeroquip FBM4426 AQP Hose Fitting
Aeroquip FBM4426 AQP Hose Fitting

Aeroquip FBM4426 AQP Hose Fitting

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Aeroquip FBM4426 AQP Hose Fitting 45deg Elbow Swivel Bulk Packaged One-piece designAllows for improved flowEliminates two potential leak points (brazed joints)Significantly improved appearanceElectroless nickel plating, red/blue and black anodized finishSwivel and non-swivel styles availableDesigned to be re-used without damage to the fittingEasier to install than cutter style, more user friendly.Nipple pilot prevents damage to the inner tubeNo seal is broken between nipple and tube when swiveled due to nipple design ensuring integrity of the sealCompression style specially designed for performance applicationsWide range of applications Approved hose styles AQP Stainless Steel Racing Hose & StartLite Racing Hose


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