Aranyik Fruit & Nut Picking Tool

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Aranyik Fruit & Nut Picking Tool. An essential part to any farm for pruning hard to reach fruit or nuts. Also useful for harvesting coconuts, or trimming palm seeds. For most applications bamboo is the best choice. If bamboo is not available in your area pvc may be fitted. The most durable pole will be to weld steel pipe, in this case extraordinary lengths can be attached for trimming the tallest palms or coconut trees. The hook is almost a full 180 degrees, and a V tip set to 45 degrees on each side is essential to it’s operation. Sometimes it is best to pull, and in other times it is best to push. The hook blade is for pulling, and the V tip blade is for pushing. For harvesting fruits that easily bruise, a basket can be attached to the pole. For example a plastic pot can be wrapped around the pole underneath the blade. Aranyik Fruit & Nut Picking Tool



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