Art of Bali Custom Walnut Desktop Zen Garden Rake

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Art of Bali Custom Walnut Desktop Zen Garden Rake. Art of Bali is proud to be offering hand-cut, hand-made custom Zen Garden desktop rakes made from specially chosen domestic and exotic woods. We are excited to offer these beautiful rakes alternative to our standard Zen Garden Rakes. These rakes have solid handles, grips, and heads of the type wood in the listing (see photos). Please note the tines will be of another variety wood due to the size. Art of Bali offers numerous types of Zen Garden Rakes, our standard types are Three Tine, Four Tine, Five Tine, Six Tine, as well as our ‘Zencil’. One of our most popular products is our Desktop Zen Garden Rake Five Pack that includes all Five of our standard rakes. In addition we sell packages containing 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rakes where discounts are given with quantity. If you are interested in any of our other size packages or any other items please click on the Art of Bali link below the green ‘In Stock’ notifier just under the product name on this page or you may try using the Amazon search bar by entering details like: Art of Bali Zen Garden Rake, Art of Bali Zen Garden Rake Five Pack, Art of Bali Zen Garden Sand, Art of Bali Zen Garden, Art of Bali Statues. Art of Bali now ships to Canada, Asia, and Europe. Art of Bali Custom Walnut Desktop Zen Garden Rake



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