Backyard Inventors SN18 Snake Rake

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Backyard Inventors SN18 Snake Rake. Snake Rake is a light-weight, ergonomic aluminum rake. Our unique, patented design was created with YOUR HEALTH in mind! The Snake Rake alleviates stress on your lower back by allowing you to work in a completely upright position, avoiding the typical bending and reaching involved with raking. Our adjustable design pivots, making this the perfect rake for right or left handed people. Snake Rake also adjusts to suit your height – with a simple snap of a pin!. When used properly, the Snake Rake’s offset design sweeps lawn and garden waste away from your feet, instead of filling your shoes with debris. Snake Rake’s design also increases your leverage when thatching lawns and moving leaf/debris piles for pick-up or disposal. The sweeping action also allows you to move materials quicker, over a longer distance, minimizing your overall work time. No straight handled rake can compare!. Snake Rake is the perfect tool for everyone! Lawn care, barn work, gardening, landscaping, and prepping campsites are all made easier with the Snake Rake. It is available in a clever box, perfect for shipping, gift wrapping, transporting or storage!. Snake Rake was designed for YOU and your busy lifestyle. Give it a try, and reap the benefits of improved posture, and fewer aches and pains!. Backyard Inventors SN18 Snake Rake



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