BagMaster Plastic Bag Holder BM0002 (2-pack) (2)

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BagMaster Plastic Bag Holder BM0002 (2-pack) (2). BagMaster is not a stand-alone ‘bag holder.’ It is a tool that adds safety and efficiency to filling large plastic bags. Use it with a rake to safely and quickly fill a bag by raking material directly into it. Use it with a litter pickup tool to collect roadside or premises litter without having to touch it. BagMaster was developed primarily to bag leaves, but you will discover many other ways to use it. BTW: The space between the ends of the arms makes it so you can expand the opening for large items when collecting litter. You will also appreciate the ergonomic handle design–minimizes stress on the wrist whether you are carrying or maneuvering the BagMaster. None of the other similar products improves on the uncompromising quality or performance of the BagMaster. If you want the best, you’ve found it. BagMaster. BagMaster Plastic Bag Holder BM0002 (2-pack) (2)



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