Beaver Plastics Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box – 3 Pack

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Beaver Plastics Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box – 3 Pack. Beaver Plastics is proud to offer commercial and hobbyist beekeepers an exciting innovation in bee and hive management the Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box. Utilizing 40 years of design and manufacturing experience of bee-related products Beaver Plastics’ Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box incorporates a light-weight single piece molded design that eliminates traditional wood construction assembly and labor. The result is an insulated and regulated temperate environment which reduces the need for bees’ expenditures of energy time and other resources for heating and cooling of the hive. In field testing the Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box resulted in greater amounts of brood since the queen lays eggs closer to the inner sides of the box because of warmer temperatures. The end results are more bees making more honey wax and propolis. Or perhaps even more important this results in more bees available for pollination. Beaver Plastics Langstroth Honeybee Brood Box – 3 Pack



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