Bonsai Training Wire Set of 5 Sizes

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Bonsai Training Wire Set of 5 Sizes. Our Bonsai Training Wire is the finest quality, solid enameled copper. Every inch of wire is heat annealed to the perfect softness for bonsai purposes and clear enamel coated for longevity. More durable than aluminum, yet heat softened for the delicate bonsai. Over 77 feet of training wire which will last you a long time. Save over $10.00 by buying this set of 5. The use of Bonsai wiring techniques permits us to train trees along almost any lines. The thinnest wire that will hold a branch in the desired position, is the right diameter of wire to use. The wire should be started at the soil level and wrapped around the trunk of the tree to the tip of the limb. Always wind the wire in the direction the branch is bent. Do not put the wire on too tightly. Remember to wrap the wire giving enough room for growth of each branch. Can also be used for any plants you wish to shape. Bonsai Training Wire Set of 5 Sizes



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