Bonsai Tree Tool Tinyroots Masters Grade – Knob Cutter (TR-10B) from BonsaiOutlet

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Bonsai Tree Tool Tinyroots Master’s Grade – Knob Cutter (TR-10B) from BonsaiOutlet. The knob cutter is very similar to the concave cutter but has several unique capabilities. The cutting blades of the knob cutter are shaped somewhat like two halves of a sphere coming together. The shape allows the tool to aggressively bite into wood. Protruding stubs are easily and quickly nibbled away by the knob cutter in a controlled fashion. It can remove lots of wood quickly yet is precise enough to shape the final surface cut on the trunk or branch. An additional use of the knob cutter is the removal of undesirable root or trunk material in the area of a partially removed tap root. The aggressive nibbling ability readily removes excess callous underneath the trunk where lack of space makes it difficult to use other tools. No other tool is as effective and clean in performing this task which is often necessary to properly fitting the bonsai into the pot. Dimensions: 210 mm Material: Master Grade Carbon Steel TinyrootsTM Bonsai Tools offer elegance, balance, precision and traditional Japanese curves with the feel of surgical instruments. Practical considerations of durability, a lifetime of hard service, maximized corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are a notable cost savings when amortized over their working lifespan. With reasonable care a TinyrootsTM tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 5-year guarantee. Each permanent storage box comes complete with a fitted cutout so the specific tool may be safely stored between use, as well as a fitted sliding hardwood cover for added protection. The distinctive bamboo cases create the perfect gift for a bonsai enthusiast and reflects well on the taste of the giver. Bonsai Tree Tool Tinyroots Master’s Grade – Knob Cutter (TR-10B) from BonsaiOutlet



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