Bosmere R506 Haws Stainless Steel Edging Iron

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Bosmere R506 Haws Stainless Steel Edging Iron. Combining the finest Green man tools designed with the exceptional heritage and quality of Haws since 1886, this range of garden tools represent a unique collaboration of both history and excellence. Trusted by gardeners for countless generations, the traditional designed tools draw on the pedigree of two of the finest gardening equipment manufactures in England, are produced overseas to exacting British standards. The beautifully crafted ash handles are tougher and more sustainable than tropical wood, resulting in less vibrations than fiberglass or metal. Longer handles on digging/cultivating tools are attached in the traditional way to the unique, extra-long lipped sockets with multiple rivets for superior strength. Add to this, the mirror-polished stainless steel heads and you have a stylist and highly functional tool range built to last. Happy gardening from Haws and Green man!. Bosmere R506 Haws Stainless Steel Edging Iron



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