Brush Grubber BG-30 Boss Super Duty

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Brush Grubber BG-30 Boss Super Duty. Removing brush and small trees is a huge hassle and anyone who has tried to remove brush or small trees knows how frustrating it can be. Here at Brush Grubber, we could never find any specific products devoted to removing small and large brush, and the old methods of wrapping a chain around small brush, using a shovel to remove roots, or trying to remove something larger were never easy. So, we put our heads together and the original Brush Grubber idea was born in the form of a tool that allows you to pull shallow-rooted brush and small trees easily and quickly. Everyone who tried the Original Brush Grubber said: “This thing is great!” We heard it so many times that we thought we must be onto something good, something so good that we decided to patent the idea. Now, since the original model, we’ve developed a full line of tools and are working on more! Our range of tools has models for use by hand, models for use with ATVs or UTVs, and models designed for use with skid loaders or small tractors. Now, we have a way to grip and pull out clumps of larger trees and shrubs. The BG-30 Brush Grubber Boss SD by Brush Grubber is the perfect tool for removing your unwanted brush and small trees. This simple-to-use product quickly and easily pulls shallow-rooted small trees and brush up to 8” in diameter from the ground – roots and all. The Brush Grubber Boss SD attaches to any ATV or lawn tractor to make getting rid of bothersome brush even easier. The 5 large gripping teeth per pad and the spring-loaded jaws are especially designed to ensure a strong and secure hold that grips tighter the harder you pull. To help provide a secure hold and avoid debarking, the two grip pads rotate a full 360 degrees each. Perfect for pulling buckthorn and other invasive plants, this tool cleans brush quickly and effortlessly – it pulls out brush and small trees by the roots to take care of the mess with one tool and eliminates re-growth. Constructed of durable and long-lasting 1.5” steel for a product that you can count on. The single-person operation tool is the ideal way to clean up your brush and small trees. Features rugged handles for easier opening and is best for use on shallow-rooted trees and brush. Functionality can vary by root system, tree type, soil type, and ground conditions. Brush Grubber BG-30 Boss Super Duty



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