Century Products 24 Inch Root Barrier Panels

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Century Products 24 Inch Root Barrier Panels. We proudly manufacture and distribute high quality products for landscape applications that are both cost effective to homeowners, contractors as well as government agencies while providing maximum protection. Our CP-Series Panels are available in various configurations and designed to meet and exceed all standard specifications. Our panels feature extruded 90 degree root deflecting ribs and self-interlocking panel to panel connection that eliminates joiner strips and gluing. As well as being a root impervious barrier, the CP-Series Panels direct the roots downward, away from hardscapes, which can cause cracked and buckled sidewalks, which in turn, creates major trip and fall liabilities. Designed with flexible top safety edge for pedestrian safety, you can now plant larger trees directly adjacent to patio areas, swimming pools or hardscape with no worries of future damage from aggressive tree roots. The CP series Panels can be used to border hardscapes creating a linear planting application, or connected for surround planting. For future projects warranting the need for root barrier panels, please consider our company for your project. Century Products 24 Inch Root Barrier Panels



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