Compost Crank Twist Compost Aerator

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Compost Crank Twist Compost Aerator. Introducing a new way to ‘crank’ up your compost heap from Lotech Products, the inventors of the original corkscrew compost aerator, the Compost Crank®. The Compost Crank® Twist is a fast, easy, highly effective, and enjoyable way to tend your compost bin. Modeled after our original Compost Crank®, the corkscrew aerator design easily works its way into any sort of compost, whether it’s just light leaves or dense sticks and vines. It can be comfortably used with one or two hands. Simply grasp the curled handle, and twist the tool clockwise down into your pile. Lift straight up without turning, and the corkscrew pulls compost up from the bottom to thoroughly mix and aerate. Twist in, and twist back out to create air holes. Twist in the center, lift out and shake compost to the side to dig a hole and bury fresh material. The Compost Crank® Twist is a complete, high quality composting tool. The aerator never clogs. Simply lay the spiral on top of your compost or on the edge of your bin, and ‘unscrew’ the stuck on material. Built to last for as long as you compost, you can rest assured the Twist will be there ready to mix your pile whenever you are. Lotech Products is committed to making it as easy and effective as possible for people to compost. From our heap to yours, The Ambrose Family ‘Compost Crank’ is a registered trademark of Lotech Products. Compost Crank Twist Compost Aerator



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