DeWit Redneck Rosarian Planting Scoop Shovel

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DeWit Redneck Rosarian Planting Scoop Shovel. Cultivating the perfect partnership, Chris VanCleave, the Redneck Rosarian has a flair for growing roses! It is essential for a world-renowned rosarian and expert gardener to have the best tools available for the task at hand. So it was fitting that he partner with the world’s best garden tool manufacturer, DeWit! With the help of these 6 DeWit heirloom quality tools that he selected, the Redneck Rosarian continues his passion for growing exquisite roses. Visit his website to follow his chronicles of gardening adventures and learn more about the fabulous DeWit tools in his collection. The DeWit Planting Scoop Shovel is perfect for gardeners who garden in raised beds and containers. The scoop design allows you to move soil quickly, the long handle helps to alleviate back strain and it aids in potting, by filling containers with ease. The inverted point aids when transplanting roses and other shrubs and plants in the garden. Constructed of hand-forged, tempered boron steel with an ash hardwood handle, it makes gardening chores quick and easy. This tool is guaranteed a lifetime! Tierra Garden is proud to offer these superior tools in the United States!. DeWit Redneck Rosarian Planting Scoop Shovel



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