Disney Mickey Mouse Grow Kit Combo, MY15P04, Size: Kids

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This combo pack includes 1 Mickey Mouse grow kit, 1 pair of Mickey mouse jersey gloves, 1 Mickey mouse trowel and 1 Mickey mouse watering can. The Mickey Mouse grow kit is blue with a Mickey Mouse icon on the side, it includes a pot, a soil wafer and flower seeds. The pot is made of 100% polypropylene. The grow kit will help your little ones get their garden started. The Mickey Mouse jersey gloves come in toddler size; they are grey with a Mickey Mouse icon on the back and a blue knit cuff. The gloves are made of 72% polyester and 28% cotton blend. The gloves will keep little hands clean while helping them learn about gardening. The trowel has a red handle with a Mickey Mouse head at the top and a loop for easy storage, and a place for the thumb for easy gripping. The scoop on the trowel is blue and it and the handle are made of 100% polypropylene and the thumb grip is 100% EVA. The Mickey Mouse trowel will be fun for the little ones to dig in the dirt, while helping you plant your garden. The Mickey Mouse watering can has a red body featuring a Mickey Mouse icon as the outline on both sides, light weight, made of 100% polyethylene. Little ones will keep busy with the Mickey Mouse watering can by watering the plants as well as themselves. Midwest Quality Gloves is the largest U.S. producer of leather work gloves including Elk skin, Buckskin, Cowhide and Goatskin – Made In the USA. Our product line also includes imported leather, cotton, leather combination, coated work gloves, chemical gloves, garden gloves, outdoor gloves, raingear and garden accessories.



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