Earth Talon Fiberglass Long Shovel Handle

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Earth Talon Fiberglass Long Shovel Handle. The Earth Talon Fiberglass Handle Shovel is a revolutionary new product designed to penetrate hard, rocky soils, with less effort. Built to last, the Earth Talon’s superior performance is in the details! We added a 2′ asymmetrical edge, which decreases the initial surface area striking your digging surface. Less surface area means more of your energy is focused at the point itself, making it easier and faster to break into tough soils. Our heavy duty shovel blade is 2.0MM thick, and for additional strength, our shovel neck is built extra long, and double, not single, riveted to highly visible, red fiberglass handles. A steel collar ring adds stability between neck and handle. Extra wide, embossed foot platforms help keep your feet from slipping, while the unique Earth Talon point helps to steady your job. The Earth Talon Fiberglass Handle is super tough and extremely versatile, from digging holes to weeding, from home gardening to commercial use, so use it for all of your shoveling needs!. Earth Talon Fiberglass Long Shovel Handle



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