Easi Grip Add On Handles

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Easi Grip Add On Handles. Easi Grip Add On Handles convert conventional style tools into ergonomic tools that are easy to use and to control. Simply slip the handle of the tool into the two stainless steel clamps which can be finger tightened with the plastic wing nuts.These ergonomic handles can be added to traditional hand garden tools, rakes, hoes and brooms and other tools with long shafts tools. With the handles fitted on to a long handled item, the user is able to work in an upright position, thus preventing undue back strain and giving a wider field of work without twisting the body. The handles can be used with the Arm Support cuff for increased control and leverage.Easi Grip Add On Handle Features:Fit to regular garden tools to convert them into ergonomic grip tools.Upright handles keep the hand and wrist in a comfortable position.Improve leverage, making it easier and less painful to use garden tools.Easi Grip Add On Handle Specifications:Package of: 2 ergonomic handles.Material: Stainless steel clamps.Fits: Maximum diameter 1.5 inches. Easi Grip Add On Handles



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