EZ-Kut Products Extending Pole G1 Ratcheting Lopper

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EZ-Kut Products Extending Pole G1 Ratcheting Lopper. Meet the big brother of pruning shears, the EZ kut lopper, perfect for any size gardening job. Tough Sk5 carbon hardened steel is made to handle even the hardest wood and Heavy duty construction guarantees quality for life. This lopper makes even the biggest tasks a breeze with its extendable handles. The Sk5 carbon hardened steel blade is the most durable, high quality blade available with heat treated steel and a friction free, rust resistant, non stick Finish. Extending arms have an EZ turn lock with just a quick turn of the handle, the lopper extends from 18in to 42in to get to those Hard to reach limbs easily. The four Stage ratcheting action means the pruner does the work for you, saving 20 percent of your energy compared to traditional methods. This means you can get more done in the same amount of time. Strong tubular steel handles are oval shaped for optimum strength and leverage and come with a textured plastic sure grip for safe handling. A contoured lower jaw provides the best leverage on Hard to reach branches. You can cut up to 3.5in plus live wood. Turn a large limb in to a small limb quickly with the loppers ratcheting action and high quality blades. For all gardeners, horticulturists, and outdoorsmen, the lopper is the best tool for fast and efficient pruning. EZ-Kut Products Extending Pole G1 Ratcheting Lopper



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