Finely Ground Eggshells for Garden

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Finely Ground Eggshells for Garden. Controlling slugs and snails in the garden is a never ending task. However, if you want to complement your efforts with sustainable, non-chemical methods, finely ground eggshells can help you keep these creatures at bay while your plants get a chance to develop before they are devoured. The finely ground eggshells stick to the slimy skin of the slugs irritating them wherever they get in touch with the eggshells, especially if the eggshells are placed next to the plant. The winner is your plants, vegetables, flowers or whatever you grow in your garden. These eggshells are triple rinsed, crushed, sun-dried and ground by an electric motor and grinder system using No. 10 perforated stainless steel plate sieve to ensure they are lighter to stay stuck to the slimy skin of the slugs (see photos on the process used to make the finely ground eggshells). On sale, is one medium bottle of eggshells (10 oz of eggshells) that can cover up to 20 square feet of garden surface to control slugs. As you water your garden, eggshells get incorporated into the soils providing much needed calcium for your plants. Eggshells analysis shows they contain 90% calcium, 6% magnesium, and 1% phosphorus. Minute amounts of potassium and sodium are also available. Finely Ground Eggshells for Garden



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