Florian Ratchet Cut Pruner W/Holster

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Florian Ratchet Cut Pruner W/Holster. The RP-701 Hand Pruner is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA and comes with a handy holster making it easier to attend to all your pruning chores. ‘The Original Ratchet-Cut’ Hand Pruner is often imitated but never duplicated. Counterfeit hand pruners do not have the quality nor the guarantee of our patented original pruner. A lightweight yet durable hand pruner, the RP-701 easily prunes branches up to 3/4′ in diameter. While ideal for the precision pruning of flowers including roses, all gardeners, from novice to professional, benefit greatly with this powerful hand pruner. Features include a high carbon spring steel pruning blade, which is Teflon coated to resist pruning residue buildup and handles that are fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The Cardura Nylon Holster for this hand pruner is included for safe storage. This holster easily attaches to your belt to keep your Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruner close to you at all times. Our patented Ratchet-Cut mechanism works like the jack on your car multiplying your hand strength up to 700-percent allowing people with arthritis, carpal tunnel or diminished hand strength to once again enjoy the pleasures of gardening. Florian Ratchet Cut Pruner W/Holster



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