Gardeners Blue Ribbon T013B Sturdy Garden Ties (30 Pack)

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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon T013B Sturdy Garden Ties (30 Pack). Gardener’s blue ribbon sturdy garden ties are ideal for securing plants to garden stakes and trellises in your back yard. Use the ties in your vertical gardening to keep heavy plants from falling over or for any other growth training you need to accomplish in your garden. the Sturdy garden ties, made of strong and flexible plastic, won’t pinch or damage plants. The tie loops can be adjusted for varying sizes and work best when laced into a double loop. how Do these ties work? the sturdy garden ties can function as a single-loop tie – just push the leading end of the tie through one of the fastener holes to secure your plant. The best option is to make a double-loop, which provides the most secure lock for the tie. To do so, send the leading tip through the tie’s lower fastener hole and then bring it back through the upper hole. This forms a ‘figure 8’ out of the tie and allows you to secure the plant in one loop and latch the other loop on to the support structure. what You get each package contains 30 ties. The reusable ties are molded out of green plastic, which allows them to be easier concealed in vegetation. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon T013B Sturdy Garden Ties (30 Pack)



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