Garrett Wade Long-Reach Hand Pruner

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Garrett Wade Long-Reach Hand Pruner. If you need to do a bit of pruning on the other side of a fence line or in the interior of a large plant or bush, this is what you need. The 30′ long shaft will easily maneuver the bypass cutter into place and a quick pull on the hand grip does the job. And it always helps save your back by avoiding stooping or overreaching. You can cut or trim close to the ground without bending – think of asparagus harvesting. It also is handy to trim the topmost stems of a high bush or fruit tree water sprouts without the need of a ladder. You won’t need it all the time but when you do, it’s a life saver.The handle rotates between being in line with the cutters to being at a right angle. The mid-shaft grip position is adjustable. Made in Italy.NOTE: Though mentioned in the catalog, additional air shipping surcharges DO NOT apply to this item. Garrett Wade Long-Reach Hand Pruner



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