(Ghost *Ambizu*) 20pcs Purple Ghost Japanese Maple Seed

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(Ghost *Ambizu*) 20pcs ‘Purple Ghost’ Japanese Maple Seed. This Auction is for 20 Seeds from a ‘Purple Ghost’ Japanese Maple tree. These seeds were hand picked fresh this fall. They have been washed and dried. These seeds would be great for bonsai or landscape use. Get them while they last this year! Check out my feedback to hear from my satisfied customers! Check out my other items for more Japanese Maple Seeds! Shipping is FREE inside the US! For international customers shipping is a low flat rate. Purple Ghost:One of the newer Japanese maple cultivars and one of the more impressive of the ghost family of cultivars. This variety is known for its unusual jagged leaves, typical of ghosts, with variegation and stunning purple color in the spring and summer. The leaves have a leathery texture and a green iridescence on the underside. ‘Purple Ghost’ is much more sun tolerant than previous ghost varieties. It is a medium sized upright grower with an ultimate height of 7 to 10 feet at maturity. The fall color display is impressive and consists of a mixture of vibrant reds and oranges. A very unique selection with great seasonal appeal, a real winner! Seeds are the result of sexual reproduction; since the pollinating tree is not known, and since Japanese maple seedlings show great variability, the seedlings will not all look like the parent plant. Just as in humans where children take on characteristics of their parents but are a unique new combination of traits. This aspect of growing Japanese Maple seeds is part of what makes growing from seed an interesting and rewarding experience as you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. You never know, you may discover the next big new cultivar that the whole Japanese Maple community desires! I will include detailed germination instructions with each order. Thank you!. (Ghost *Ambizu*) 20pcs ‘Purple Ghost’ Japanese Maple Seed



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