Gransfors Bruks Carpenters Axe

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Gransfors Bruks Carpenters Axe. Carpenters Axe has a straight edge and thin blade with a low angle bevel face, suited for work in dry wood. The forged inward curve from the heel to the lip of the head allows your hand to grip almost straight above the center of the edge. This, and the long straight cutting edge, gives rigidity, stability, and control when cutting. Functions like a good heavy knife. The axe poll is ground and can be used as a hammer. 3-1/2′ face 18′ handle 1-1/2 lb head. Premium quality axes, hand-forged at Gränsfors Bruks, a family owned forge in a small town in Sweden. As a matter of pride, when the smith is finished and satisfied with his work he marks the head with his initials beside the companys crown label. Each axe is sharp and ready to cut, has a hickory handle and leather sheath. Gransfors Bruks Carpenters Axe



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