Guide Gear Mens Performance Fishing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Guide Gear Men’s Performance Fishing Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Sun protection. Bug protection. The only bite will be on your line! What’s more painful? Getting a wicked sunburn, getting bit by mosquitoes all day, or getting shut-out on your fishing trip? They’re all bad, but when you put them all together, life is just plain miserable. That’s why it’s smart to gear-up with our Guide Gear Performance Fishing Long-sleeved T-Shirt. It’ll protect you from the sun while providing a bite-proof barrier between you and the most annoying creatures you encounter on and around the water: mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks. Which is nice. But.. will it actually help you catch more fish? As we like to say in Minnesota, ‘You betcha!’ Go ahead. Worship the sun. But don’t sacrifice your skin. Let’s face it: when you’re fishing, you’ve got skin in the game. No matter if you’re casting from shore or spinning lures from a boat, spending time in the sun can be brutal on your skin. So we fortified our Performance Fishing apparel with something special: innovative EcoNano fabric treatment that provides UPF 50+ sun protection to prevent sunburn and skin damage caused by spending long hours in the hot sun. Fish bites bait. Bug bites man. Man loses fish. It’s a heartbreaking scenario. Taking your hand off your rig to swat away a black fly can cost you precious seconds, during which a big-mouth bass can suck up your plastic worm and spit it out before you get a chance to set the hook. Not cool. Or, maybe you set down your pole to apply some bug juice and you miss a bite. Tragic. Our Performance Fishing T-shirts eliminate that hassle. How? In addition to UPF 50+ sun protection, EcoNano fabric treatment also effectively repels insects, including mosquitoes, biting flies, mites and ticks. That means less fly swatting. More hook setting. And a better day fishing. 94/6 polyester / spandex fabric is lightweight, soft and comfortable; UPF 50+ sun protection filters UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburn and skin damage; Insect blocking to keep mosquitoes, t. Guide Gear Men’s Performance Fishing Long Sleeve T-Shirt



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