Heavy Duty Spading Fork, Forged 4 Tines.

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Heavy Duty Spading Fork, Forged 4 Tines. This professional quality spading fork is forged from quality carbon steel. 4 fork tines are forged, Not welded. Properly heat treated and tempered for maximum strength. Fork tine has 11/16′ width and 1-1/4′ sharp pointing end for hard soil digging. Fork tine has angular back(Diamond shape) which is specially designed to re-enforce tine strength. The size of fork tine is 11/16′ wide by 11-1/2′ long. Head size is 7-1/2′ wide by 11-1/2′ long. Assembled with American made Ash wood handle and poly D Grip. Assembled with a 7′ long chrome plated steel ferrule to re-enforce the handle. Overall length is approx. 41-1/2′. This spading fork is a heavy duty quality, will serve efficiently for digging, raking and cultivation and root lifting. It is a very useful tool for your yard work, landscaping and construction work. Heavy Duty Spading Fork, Forged 4 Tines.



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