Helko Deluxe Leather Axe Sheath (Double Bit)

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Helko Deluxe Leather Axe Sheath (Double Bit). Description The Deluxe Sheaths are made in the USA from quality top-grain latigo cowhide leather cowhide leather. The leather has been treated and infused with oils and waxes for moisture protection. This also gives the leather a rich color and softens the material, making it supple and relatively pliable. These sheaths have a welt, which is a strip of leather that the blade edge rests against while sheathed. This provides additional protection to the blade and will lengthen the life of your sheath. The sheath is precision-stitched along the edges, and fastened together with nickel-plated rivets, which provide maximum strength, durability, and longevity. The sheaths operate with an adjustable buckle strap, which may be tightened or loosened to achieve a snug fit. As the leather stretches over time, the buckle strap always let you keep the tight fit needed for your axe. These sheaths are thick and durable, and will endure years of service. The Helko Werk logo is stamped into the leather face. Also, the leather buckle strap on the back side of the sheath can be used as a loop, and can be tied down to your belt or bag. Features + Made in the USA from quality top-grain latigo cowhide leather + Fastened with nickel-plated rivets + Softened leather, and treated for moisture protection + Precision stitched and fastened with nickel-plated rivets + Adjustable buckle strap + Protective leather welt + Stamped with the Helko Werk crown logo + Very thick and durable Sizing: See the picture above to make sure your axe head is within our measurements. This sheath is specifically deisgned for the Helko-Werk Hinterland Double Bit axe, but it will also fit many common sized double bit axes as well. Maximum Head Width: 9-1/2 inches Maximum Blade Length: 4-3/8 inches. Helko Deluxe Leather Axe Sheath (Double Bit)



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