Hewing Goosewing Bearded Broad Axe Head – Viking Style- Extr Rare!!!

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Hewing Goosewing Bearded Broad Axe Head – Viking Style- Extr Rare!!!. EXTREMELY RARE HEWING BEARDED STEEL AXE HEAD – OLD VIKING STYLE Dear buyers, up for auction is that bearded HEWING axe HEAD. ORIGINAL! ACCORDING TO THE OLD SKILLFUL CRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE! Fantastic shape on the axe head. The axe head is rare because of the massive blade with right direction and the angle of the blade!!! – see the pictures.. The hewing axe is the preferred tool for flattening the surface of round logs. In past centuries, wood beams were often made by splitting the logs with some type of mallet and wedge, or glut. Then they were surfaced with an adz or a hewing ax. When iron axes became available, the hewing ax almost replaced the adz. Hewing axes were frequently used to roughly square the logs before they were sawn into boards with a pit saw. Goose-wing broad axes were made in both left- and right-handed models. The goose-wing handle was offset to the left or right by fitting it into a bent metal tube forged to the bit. Hand crafted. Used for carving, hewing. Old ‘bearded’ ‘viking’ design. Perfect condition. Forged, Grinded, Tempered. Oil oxidation and natural Bee wax cover EXTREMELY ERGONOMIC BLADE. THE EYE OF THE AXE HEAD HAVE CONIC SHAPE (SO COLD, TOMAHAWK EYE) The blade is sharp, and it is tempered very well.. Made of high quality steel. AISI-4150 HRC 50-55 !!! Extremely ergonomic design!!! As you can see I’m selling this axe head with the handle in my listing. It should be fitted with steam bended handle for ergonomic work. Dimensions: Blade ~ 8.0 inches !!! Weight: ~800 gr. or 1,7 lb. Hewing Goosewing Bearded Broad Axe Head – Viking Style- Extr Rare!!!



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