Hydrodynamics HDIONGRHWQT Ionic Grow Hard Water, 1 quart

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Hydrodynamics HDIONGRHWQT Ionic Grow Hard Water, 1 quart. Specifically formulated for the green vegetative stage of growing plants in areas where hard water is an issue, Ionic Grow Hard Water delivers the essential elements to the roots of a plant in a more precise manner than all previous hydroponic formulations. Ionic Grow Hard Water is designed to maximize the potential for vigorous vegetative growth in green plants and during the vegetative cycle of flowering plants. Ionic Grow Hard Water is purposely blended to be more acidic than standard Ionic Grow. This is achieved through the careful blending of the component mineral salts. A more acidic nutrient solution will neutralize bicarbonates on its own. This in turn reduces the amount of acid needed to control the pH in the reservoir and thus reduces the possibility of acute phosphate accumulation. Ionic Grow Hard Water is also specifically formulated to take into account the minerals, such as calcium, that are usually present in hard water. By reducing the amounts of these minerals in the nutrient solution it is possible to ensure ideal levels of the major elements which in turn will minimize the problems most commonly associated with growing in hard water areas and allow the grower to maintain the reservoir for longer periods between changes. Ionic Grow Hard Water is derived from 100% pure elemental mineral salts including calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, potassium sulfate and ammonium nitrate. Ionic Grow Hard Water has a highly stable pH due to the unique reactive buffering incorporated into the quality controlled manufacturing process, reducing pH fluctuations in the reservoir. Hydrodynamics HDIONGRHWQT Ionic Grow Hard Water, 1 quart



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