Inteletool Telescopic Vehicle Recovery Tool Kit with Duffel Bag

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Inteletool Telescopic Vehicle Recovery Tool Kit with Duffel Bag. What’s in this off road tool bag: Included are the interchangeable ISH- Round Point Shovel tool head, IRK- 14 Tine Rake tool head, IS- 4 pound Sledge Hammer tool head, IPUL-Pulaski Axe/Mattock tool head (sheath included), (1) IP24- Inteletool 2-4′ telescopic pole w/Rubber Grip. The IB24- 24Lx12Wx12H Black Duffel bag comes with large U-shaped top zipper for easy access, shoulder strap and 1 external pocket. Application: Off road tool bag is Commando ready. Useful in Military situations. Designed to be transported in any compartment to help aid in the recovery of downed vehicles of any kind such as 4X4, ATV, Automobile, Military, RV, Heavy equipment. Also use for military check point set up. Drive stakes, shovel, rake, chop. Great for Off Roaders and Adventurers. About the Inteletool telescopic pole and interchangeable tool heads: When combined with the Inteletool telescopic pole, the tool heads attach and detach and telescopic pole collapses for easy storage and transport. The Inteletool tool heads (male) and the all fiberglass telescopic pole (female) both utilize the ACME thread in combination with a nylon collar lock on the pole to connect the tool heads to the telescopic pole for a secure, permanent feel. The Inteletool telescopic pole features a twist & lock innerlocking mechanism with an external nylon collar lock to prevent the pole from collapsing while in use. There are no predesignated stopping points for length. Can adjust to any desired length. Strongest telescopic pole on the market!. Inteletool Telescopic Vehicle Recovery Tool Kit with Duffel Bag



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