(Japanese *Ambizu*) 10 PCS ,Prunus Serrulata Japanese Sa-ku-ra Bonsai Tree Seed

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(Japanese *Ambizu*) 10 PCS ,Prunus Serrulata Japanese Sa-ku-ra Bonsai Tree Seed. How to grow japanese sakura seeds: Soil pot cherry blossom soil should be prepared first, rotten leaves usually can use homemade (collect leaves and acidic soil, chicken manure, charcoal powder) and microbial retting system. Homemade leaf soil drainage and has good air permeability, suitable for potted the growth of cherry blossoms. Pruning pot cherry blossom clip pay special attention to, to spend in front of the flower, after thinning, grow too close branches properly according to bore branches and twigs, thin branches, and branches of diseases and pests. Throughout the growing season to keep of order tiller, and cut off water sprout, so as to avoid consumption of nutrients. Must besmear after pruning preservatives, in order to avoid wound rot, because of the cherry blossom wound healing slowly. Watering cherry blossom avoid water, according to different season and watering seedling size in a reasonable manner to master the principle of see dry wet, the soil not too wet or the water, otherwise it will cause root rot, light leaf loss, affect the flowering, or whole plant death. Watering fertilizer cherry blossoms carefully potted plant management, and strive to achieve to frequently, fertilization to foot, to ensure its moisture and nutrients needed for growth and development, make plant trees of design and color is gorgeous, new basin on cherry blossom branch for short section, to promote more branches, more flower bud differentiation. Usually once a week for the effects of rotten, early is given priority to with nitrogen fertilizer, promote vegetative growth, late note with p, prevent excessive vegetative growth, flower bud differentiation, in May – June with spraying on the leaf of between 0.1% and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, after before flowering and flowering the a basal, lays the foundation for the second year of flowering. (Japanese *Ambizu*) 10 PCS ,Prunus Serrulata Japanese Sa-ku-ra Bonsai Tree Seed



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