Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife from Mtn Tree

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Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife from Mtn Tree. Based on a Sansai 山菜ナイフ Knife from Japan, the Mtn Tree Hori Hori Gardening knife will be the most diverse tool you add to your collection. The best tool to not only have in the garden, but any outdoor activity that requires a reliable, strong, and sharp blade that never falters. In the garden, the Hori Hori holds multiple roles, making it an ideal companion for an entire day of planting. If you find yourself carrying pockets full of tools, and still not having the correct one right at hand, you’re going to love the multi-functionality of the Mtn Tree Garden Knife. And gone are the days of carrying around multiple tools and leaving them all over the yard for your children or feet to find. With the convenient and beautiful leather sheath, you’ll have the one tool for most of your gardening tasks right at your fingertips. With the full tang, graduated blade, you can be sure that your seeds, starts, and bulbs are finding their home at the ideal depth, with no more guesswork. Gone is the concern about bending cheap trowel blades, or running into hard pack dirt or clay that less robust garden tools cannot handle. We’ve bent our fair share of cheap tools, and we know there are few things more frustrating while gardening than not knowing if you can trust your tools. Not just restricted to creating a beautiful and rich garden, these Hori Hori Knives are just at home out on the trail, or at the campsite. We’ve also taken them into the backcountry as a ‘do all’ tool. Space is of chief concern when carrying what you need to survive on your back, and wrapping up multiple uses in an indestructible tool is one of the best ways to be sure you are prepared. From preparing food, cutting paracord, gathering firewood, and simply digging holes, the Mtn Tree Hori Hori is an ideal backcountry companion. Whether you are on a week long backpacking trip, or at a local state park, you’re going to be glad you brought it along. Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife from Mtn Tree



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