Jenlis Lake Weedrazer

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Jenlis Lake Weedrazer. Lake weedrazer. Finally, an efficient tool to rid pesky aquatic vegetation. Got pesky weeds taking over your dock area, shoreline or swimming beach? Get tough. Get this lake weedrazer. This hand tool cuts and removes aquatic vegetation in minutes. Works on pond weeds too. Nothing is worse than a spaghetti pile of weeds so thick, you can’t fish, bring your motor boat through or even swim. Now just toss this V-shape device as far as you can in the water. Then slowly reel it back in by hand with the attached rope. Razor-sharp blades go to work along the way, cutting almost any type of rooted aquatic plant such as milfoil, lily pads, pond weed and even cattails. Works with a-1 results in shallow or deep water. Cuts weeds effectively, rather than just dragging them. Use it year after year! look closer: Shears through vegetation with ease. Cuts the base of weeds in deep or shallow water, easy to use: Give it a toss. Let sink. Pull it in. Repeat. Clears a 48′ w. (4′) Path with every toss, weighs just 8 lbs. Light enough to throw 30′ or more, yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom, comes with the new and improved weed deflector (an accessory to enhance performance), also includes blade sharpener and 25′ of rope, light assembly required, 32′ blade is 48′ across after assembly. Handle is 65′ l. (About 5 1/2′), you need this item for years of shore patrol. Order yours today! lake weedrazer. Jenlis Lake Weedrazer



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