Joshy Ohkubo Hasami Bonsai Shear for Trimming 8150

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Joshy’ Ohkubo Hasami Bonsai Shear for Trimming 8150. 8150 ‘Joshy’ Ohkubo Hasami Shear Trimming shears are the most commonly and widely used tool for all bonsai works and quality shears are always required in all cases. Bonsai shears make clean close cuts and are preferred by most serious bonsai enthusiasts. This novice grade Ohkubo shear in Joshua Roths ‘Joshy’ brand is similar in design and use to our Hasami shears, except that its’ wider blades and heavier overall construction are designed for larger stock and small roots. Not generally suited for pruning branches. 2′ blades, 7 1/4′ length. Shears are the basic tool for bud trimming, thinning and defoliating bonsai, all crucial in the art of bonsai. Trimming young buds prevents branches that grow too long and promotes growth of short, small, fuller branches. Although there are many sizes and shapes, two would be sufficient to start. These shears have a generous opening between the handles, which helps prevent injuring other buds while you prune. These shears are designed to cut at all point. This gives you control over what you are cutting–allowing you to cut just that part which needs trimming leaving the surrounding foliage undamaged. The 8′ Ashinaga shear with a 2-1/8′ blade is a good basic bypass bud trimming shear for thinning and defoliating bonsai. Primary to the successful bonsai is cutting away unwanted portions of the tree. The most important tools for these tasks are shears and pruners. Pruning allows you to shorten a branch or the height of a tree, as well as removing entire unwanted branches. Shears are NOT meant to cut using a by-pass action. While cutters bite, the edges of biting tools usually overlap slightly–closing without contact, one over the other. The most basic bonsai starter set should include the tools needed to accomplish the basic pruning and shaping tasks. Joshy’ Ohkubo Hasami Bonsai Shear for Trimming 8150



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