Lobotomy Full Tang Throwing Pick Axe

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Lobotomy Full Tang Throwing Pick Axe. Cracking someone in the head whether dead, undead, vampire, or shape shifter will stop them in their tracks. No matter who or what you are fighting all you need is a moment of hesitation from your foe to really do some damage with the Lobotomy Full Tang Throwing Pick Axe. This little beauty is small compact and easy to conceal. The Lobotomy Full Tang Throwing Pick Axe is constructed of stainless steel for maximum toughness and the highly durable blade is a black anodized coating to resist corrosion. The sharp blade has cutouts to make the blade lighter and aerodynamic to ‘cut through’ the air causing you to be swift and move with ease. The handle is wrapped with a braided green nylon cording for a more comfortable and firm grip. A lanyard hole is featured at the end of the handle to strap it to your pack. A thick nylon sheath is included with a belt loop and steel buttons to secure the axe. Always make sure you are prepared now- a-days you never know whatÆs lurking around the next corner. Lobotomy Full Tang Throwing Pick Axe



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