Longans (32-Piece) Premium Practice Lock Pick Set with Transparent Padlock

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Longans (32-Piece) Premium Practice Lock Pick Set with Transparent Padlock. The Longans Lock Pick Starter Set is among the highest rated lock picking kits on Amazon. Just look at what our customers are saying: ‘This is a fantastic lock picking set. I had a kitchen cabinet door that was locked that I lost the keys to. This set got me into the cabinet in under 5 minutes.’ -Robert ‘This is an awesome set. I love puzzles, so I’ve always wanted to learn lock picking for the challenge. This set has everything you need. I was able to pick a variety of padlocks that were around the house.’ -Isaac This set gives you everything you need to pick most locks available on the market. It will be added to our work gear. I’m sure that with more than 140 stores that we provide maintenance for it will be needed to unlock one of the restrooms, storage rooms, or another lock! -Jeff Here’s why you’ll love this set too: BEST MATERIALS: These stainless steel picks won’t bend, break or rust. You don’t want a cheapo set – you’ll have to replace it in a few months. This will be the only equipment you ever need. Includes hook, diamond, and rake picks plus 3 tension wrenches. USE FOR HOURS AT A TIME: Your hand modeling career won’t be derailed by these picks. Cheap tools have harsh angular edges that make picking a torturous experience. Ours don’t. 2016 LOCK PICKING EBOOK: Each set comes with our 6 Page Everyday Lock Picking ebook that covers how pin tumbler locks work, how to pick locks, and locksmithing tips. ZIP-UP LOCK PICK CASE: This whole set fits in a case about the size of a CD case. And at barely 1lb you can take it anywhere. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We’re in the business of delighting customers. If for any reason you’re not happy with your lock pick set, we’ll issue you a refund, no questions asked. Longans (32-Piece) Premium Practice Lock Pick Set with Transparent Padlock



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