Mercedes (72-95) Vacuum Hose Connector 4-way 'X' Connection (Branch-Off Fitting
Mercedes (72-95) Vacuum Hose Connector 4-way 'X' Connection (Branch-Off Fitting

Mercedes (72-95) Vacuum Hose Connector 4-way ‘X’ Connection (Branch-Off Fitting

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This part fits:Chassis: (years) : Model1973-1980: 450slc1981-1981: 380slc1972-1972: 350sl1973-1980: 450sl1981-1985: 380sl1986-1989: 560sl 1975-1976: 280s1977-1980: 280se1973-1976: 450se1973-1980: 450sel1977-1979: 450sel 6.91978-1980: 300sd 1977-1978: 2301977-1981: 280e1978-1981: 280ce1977-1983: 240d1977-1981: 300d1982-1985: 300d-t1978-1981: 300cd1982-1985: 300cd-t1979-1980: 300td1981-1985: 300td-t 1987-1989: 260e1990-1992: 300e 2.61993-1993: 300e 2.81986-1992: 300e 3.01993-1993: 300e 3.21993-1995: e320 sedan1992-1993: 400e1994-1995: e4201992-1993: 500e1994-1994: e5001988-1989: 300ce1990-1992: 300ce 24v1993-1993: 300ce coupe1994-1995: e320 coupe1993-1993: 300ce conv1994-1995: e320 conv1988-1992: 300te1993-1993: 300te1993-1995: e320 wagon1990-1993: 300d 2.5 turbo1995-1995: e300 diesel1987-1987: 300d tdiesel1987-1987: 300td turbo1990-1993: 300e 4M1990-1993: 300te 4M 1988-1991: 300se1988-1991: 300sel1984-1985: 380se1981-1983: 380sel1986-1991: 420sel1984-1985: 500sel1986-1991: 560sel1982-1983: 380sec1984-1985: 500sec1986-1991: 560sec1981-1985: 300sd1986-1987: 300sdl1991-1991: 350sd1990-1991: 350sdl 1984-1986: 190e 2.31987-1993: 190e 2.31987-1993: 190e 2.61986-1987: 190e 2.3 16v1984-1985: 190d 2.21986-1989: 190d 2.51987-1987: 190d 2.5 turbo


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