Okatsune 104 8.25-inch Bypass Pruners, Extra Large

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Okatsune 104 8.25-inch Bypass Pruners, Extra Large. Our Okatsune Hand Pruners (Secateurs) are professional quality tools made in Japan. These razor sharp blades are used in world famous Japanese gardens. Japanese gardening tools differ from your run of the mill Big Box gardening tools because they are designed with the intention of upholding a centuries old traditional art form. Cheaper tools will not last very long and you will definitely end up spending more in the long run. Okatsune Hand Pruners (Sentei basami) They are designed as a solid, lightweight pruner that delivers a perfect cut with ease. We offer three different sizes, depending on your hand size. ,These are the #1 choice of professional gardeners in Japan. These are both lightweight and have a razor sharp solid steel blade that will last a lifetime if used properly. At Grand Island Serene Gardens we use a combination of different lengths in order to prune and shape the various gardens we work on. The solid safety clip at the bottom prevents them from accidently springing open. With direct connections to our suppliers in Japan, we can offer you the best prices available for these professional quality garden tools. With care they will last a lifetime, saving you money from having to repeatedly buy replacement pruners. We advise using the Okatsune Leather Sheath with these pruners to ensure easy access and more secure storage. ,Total Length:8.25in(210mm) Weight:8.3oz(235g). Okatsune 104 8.25-inch Bypass Pruners, Extra Large



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