Okatsune Hedge Shear, Wood Handles (Blade:8in, Total:30.7in)

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Okatsune Hedge Shear, Wood Handles (Blade:8in, Total:30.7in). Our Okatsune Garden Shears are professional quality tools made in Japan and used in world famous Japanese gardens. Okatsune Shears (Karikomi basami) They are designed for detailed shaping of hedges, bushes and shrubs, but are strong and durable for general pruning. Great for Boxwoods, Holly, Yews, Azaleas etc. We carry a variety of blade and handle lengths, which are the #1 choice of professional gardeners in Japan. The handles are made of slick Japanese White Oak and are create the perfect balance for the steel blades. Okatsune Shears are both lightweight and have a razor sharp solid steel blade that will last a lifetime if used properly. At Grand Island Serene Gardens we use a combination of different lengths in order to prune and shape the various gardens we work on. Longer handles and blades, such as these, are used for those larger clouds (or blobs) and deeper hedges. With direct connections to their company in Japan, we can offer you the best prices available for these professional quality garden tools. Total Length:30.7in(780mm) Blade Length:8in(200mm) Weight:2lb5oz(1050g). Okatsune Hedge Shear, Wood Handles (Blade:8in, Total:30.7in)



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