Professional Bill Hook- Brush Axe

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Professional Bill Hook- Brush Axe. This Bill Hook is made of 4 mm thickness heavy gauge high tensile Manganese Carbon steel. Heat treated for maximum strength. Cutting edge is well sharpened. Blade is 12′ in length. Overall length of this tool is approximately 16.5′. Net weight of this tool is approximately 1.80 lb.(800 grams) Handle is insulated with shock absorption genuine leather grip with an end-hook to prevent the tool slipping out of your hand. A bill hook is a tool commonly used in the garden. Originally, the bill hook was developed in ancient times as a tool used in agriculture. It later became a popular fighting knife and weapon. The bill hook is a steel blade knife with a hook at the end and looks a bit like a cross between an ax and a knife. In the garden, it is useful for trimming and maintaining thickets, brambles and other dense and thorny areas. The hooked part of the blade can be used to grab branches and pull them out of the thicket without having to reach inside a thorny hedge. It is also used to grab a tangle of branches and sever them from the plant. Used like a machete, the bill hook can cut through dense thorny thickets to control the shape or clear a pathway. Professional Bill Hook- Brush Axe



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