Professional Maple Tree Tapping Drill Bit 7/16 – Maple Syrup Making

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Professional Maple Tree Tapping Drill Bit 7/16′ – Maple Syrup Making. Brand New in Package. These 7/16 bits are designed specifically for tapping Maple Trees. Ask any large producers in the industry and they will tell you the importance of using the correct bit. Most old-style spiles and taps utilize a 7/16′ hole. You get a perfectly clean hole with this bit. You DO NOT want to have to blow wood chips out of the hole! You introduce bacteria which reduces the amount of sap you will get. This bit blasts the wood chips right out of the hole very efficiently. You DO NOT want an oblong hole! It will leak. You DO NOT want to have to bear down when you drill your hole. This bit pulls itself into the tree so you do not have to push. It saves time, It saves your arms, It gets you more sap, It gives you less leaks and splits, It even makes you drill batteries last longer. Try it side by side with a regular drill bit and you will be amazed by the difference! I was a skeptic until I got my first one years back. Not any more! These bits also don’t have any coating. You don’t want black (coated) bits. Little pieces can chip off or rub off into the tree. That is not good for you or the tree. Use the high speed (Usually ‘2’) on your drill when tapping with this bit. Make a wide, stable stance. Hold the bit against the tree before you start to drill. Hold the drill straight and do not push, Let the bit do the work. Keep the bit spinning until you have fully removed it from the tap hole. Most pros tap anywhere from 1.5′ to 2′ into the tree. Any more than that is probably not good for your tree and also is very unlikely to get you any more sap. Happy Tappin!. Professional Maple Tree Tapping Drill Bit 7/16′ – Maple Syrup Making



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