Pup Science Khaki RANGER – Dog Backpack Hiking Harness for Medium, Large & XL Dogs, Model: , Sport & Outdoor

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You come home after work, exhausted. All you want to do is change out of your dirty, wrinkled clothes, plop down on the couch for one second before you have to feed the kids and walk the dog. But as you turn the doorknob the first thing you see is Max sitting smack dab in the middle of the carpet. He looks at you with those guilty, terrified eyes. Two feet away there’s a yellow stain on the carpet, and the kitchen is absolutely destroyed! Trash can’s upended, bags tore through, last night’s greasy chicken dinner all over the ground. Your entire evening is ruined. Now you’ll spend the rest of the day picking up the trash, mopping the floor, scrubbing that sour pee off the carpet, getting cranky at your kids when they ask for help with their homework. The 2 second fix that will make your Bad Dog! into a Good dog! Professional dog trainers all over the world recommend a good pack to make your dog the happiest, best version of themselves. By adding weights to their pack, you will stop their depression, anxiety, barking, whining, mail man chasing, pulling on walks, reduce aggression and your dog can even bring you a nice, icy cold beer after a long day while you kick your feet up. Why do other companies always give dogs less? Dog products are often cheap, chintzy and low quality. We don’t believe in penny pinching just to make an inferior product. Our backpack is made with 16oz duck cotton canvas, a heavy duty fabric used to make hiking backpacks for humans and military gear. Our materials are all-natural, we don’t use any stiffeners or toxic glues, only cotton, thread and cold steel. If you care about your dog and want to make his life 1000% better, click add to cart and checkout now to turn your bad dog into a good dog!



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