Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder

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Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder. Discover garden tools unlike any you’ve ever held before. The Radius Garden Natural Radius Grip PRO garden tools were designed using the most current research into human factors and tool usage. Traditional garden tools force you to use your hands and wrists in a way that can cause injuries. These tools maximize your power and comfort while minimizing wrist and hand stress. The large ‘O-handle’ grips on Radius tools allow you to hold the tool securely without exerting extra pressure and wasting your energy. The PRO series tools feature four times the gripping surface of conventional tools, with room for both hands! The blades of these tools are made of stainless steel. The advanced ergonomic design makes gardening easier and more enjoyable. Built as professional quality tools, Radius Garden NRG PRO tools come with a lifetime guarantee. The PRO Weeder is an industrial strength stand-up weeder that pries out deeply rooted weeds and unwanted tree and shrub seedlings. It is also great for digging narrow trenches or holes in very hard soils. Radius PRO Stainless tools feature a large ‘O’ handle and extra-wide raised forward kick for reduced strain, better balance, and ease-of-use. These tools also include a resin-encased steel core shaft, making them virtually unbreakable. Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder



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