Rainbow Blend Coleus Seeds – 200 mg – Annual

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Rainbow Blend Coleus Seeds – 200 mg – Annual. Annual. Coleus is grown for its dramatic, colorful foliage. Rainbow Blend is an exciting bright tropical mix of white, bronze, gold, copper, yellow, pink, red, and purple. Plants grow to 12-36′ tall and do well in shade or partial sun. Coleus provides excellent color for those challenging spots under shade trees or north facing flowerbeds. (Since it grows well in containers, a great tip is to plant several pots of it that can be moved around during the summer to fill in when you need color in shady spots.) It produces insignificant lavender-blue flower spikes appear in late summer that can be left on or clipped back to maintain a more compact plant. Cure your winter blues by starting coleus indoors in early spring! It can be grown indoors in a bright window any time of year. Rainbow Blend Coleus Seeds – 200 mg – Annual



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