(Rainbow C *Ambizu*) 2015 Hot Sale Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds Exotic 200pcs

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(Rainbow C *Ambizu*) 2015 Hot Sale Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds Exotic 200pcs. Cultivation methods Seed propagation: spring sowing indoors, the optimum temperature for germination 20-25 degree, 15-20 days after sowing, sprouting, planting seedlings when flowering, but the variability is large. 1. Choose breathable loose soil (usually selected fine of peat soil or leaf mold.), Into pots or seeding tray; 2, irrigated soil (with carbendazim, chlorothalonil 800 times solution watering can achieve sterilization effect), the seeds evenly spread on the soil; 3, fine mulch sowing the seeds do not need but to ensure that the soil moisture available moisture small eyes watering sprinkler, water is too large or too much force will be irrigated the seeds were washed away or deep soil so easily top soil sprouting small seeds; large seeds have to mulch, mulch thickness of 2-3 times the diameter of the seed, must ensure that the soil moist but not water after sowing, the seeds not water pre-emergence, which is even more important for fine seeds. 4, the most suitable temperature for germination is 20-25 degree, spring planting if it is not possible by covering with plastic wrap, cover glass for insulation and other moisture. Summer sowing to planting pots in a cool moist place to shade from the storm. 5, cover with plastic wrap after seed germination to promptly lifted a corner of ventilation, grow to be 2-3 leaf is a thin film can be completely removed, so the seedlings gradually accepted scattering light, attention is not placed under the sun. (Rainbow C *Ambizu*) 2015 Hot Sale Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds Exotic 200pcs



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