Seeding Square: A Color-Coded Seed Spacing Tool for Planting the Perfect Vegetable Garden. Grow Your Food!

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The Seeding Square gives a fun plant-by-colour approach placing each seed with the exact amount of space and depth it needs while keeping your vegetable garden in perfectly straight rows, and all without you having to do any of the guess work! You can look forward to a much bigger crop and a reduction of those pesky weeds! Great for all sizes of garden, all experience level and all types of vegetables. Grow your food! There are many benefits to the Seeding Square such as it simplifies the planting process, saves you money on food bills, can double or even triple the harvest size, optimizes and organizes your garden space, allows for fewer weeds, gives depth accuracy for seed holes, plants grow in a beautiful uniform grids, the planting is done quickly, and it’s great for teaching kids and new gardeners. The Seeding Square is small for easy storage and comes in a reusable storage bag. All materials are RoHS compliant. The Seeding Square also comes a Funnel, Planting Guide, Wand/Spoon, and Instructions. The Funnel makes it easy to deposit seeds in holes since it fits snugly into the holes. Then it clicks into the back of the center hole for storage. The Planting Guide is a simple to use plant-by-color chart with a complete list of standard garden veggies and simple instructions for each. The Wand/Spoon, which magnetizes to the Seeding Square, has depth markings on the side for poking holes and then the Spoon scoops and deposits small seeds.



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