Soeks Impulse EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter

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Soeks Impulse EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter. Soeks Impulse is NEW, May-2012 model, the performance and speed of high definition. Most EM indicators are very complicated, they can measure only one type of field at once (magnetic or electric). Soeks Impulse can make measurements simultaneously. It display the magnetic and electric field level in 3D diagram. It can show X, Y diagram for electric field and X,Y,Z diagram for magnetic.For household using it have a signal alarm and message indication of high EM field. Just place your device near your working WiFi, notebook, or cellphone in speech mode (while you making a call), and you will see EM level of your household gadgets so you can notice if they are dangerous for your health. Protect yourself and your family from dangerous influence of the modern technologies. You are definitely need this device if you live near: electric plants or power lines, military objects, airports, space observatory, big manufacture or research centers, in big cities or if you use a lot of electronic devices in your day life.EM field is invisible and it is impossible to feel it without EM Indicator, but it can be dangerous for your health. Especially for kids and older people. Soeks Impulse EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter



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