Soeks Nitrate Tester/meter

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Soeks Nitrate Tester/meter. Nitrate- tester is intended to evaluate (by express analysis), the quantity of nitrates in vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, and products used for children’s food. Checking the content and the amount of nitrates in the analyzed product is measured by piercing the product with the pathfinder located in the lower part of the device. The nitrate-tester ‘SOEKS’ has a programmed MPC (maximum permissible concentration) for each product. As a result of measurement you will see the exact amount of nitrate content in milligrams per kilogram of the analyzed product on display, as well as recommendations on suitability for use of green, yellow or red indications. Nitrate tester is an easy and comfortable for hand device weighing 105 grams. All you need is to switch the device on, choose a product from the list and get a result. Simple handling, comfortability, reliability and accuracy, all this is now available and ready to serve for you!. Soeks Nitrate Tester/meter



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