Soil Cube Tool – Soil Block Maker for Seed Starting.

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Free soil block E-BOOK with purchase! Delivered via email immediately after purchase – Start your seeds like Eliot Coleman! -Using soil cubes to start your seeds year-round is the most radical thing you can do to obtain immediate and long lasting success in your garden. -By using soil cubes, you will be able to control the early plant development, move them to the garden when ready, and have no consequence for having done so. -The seedlings will thrive and you will have a dramatic increase in viable plants in contrast to one who is planting seed directly into the prepared garden beds or rows. -A Soil cube is a cube of growing medium that has been lightly compressed and shaped by a form. A soil cube serves as both a container and the soil for starting and growing seedlings, eliminating the need for plastic pots and trays for transplanted seedlings. – Seedlings grown in soil cubes form stronger root systems than those grown in containers due to increased oxygen to the roots and the soil cube’s natural tendency to ‘air-prune’ roots. This creates a substantial advantage when seedlings are transplanted into the field, because plants establish themselves more quickly and, because of lessened root disruption, they are less prone to transplant shock. – Save Money! The soil cube system is less expensive. Soil cubes are made with a small hand tool that will immediately pay for itself. When compared to purchasing peat pellets, jiffy pots, or other small plastic pots that will deteriorate over time, the small expense of a Soil cube tool will be immediately offset in the first few trays of seedlings. – Soil Blocks make it easy to start your seeds! A perfect gift for a Gardener! Get a Soil Cube Tool now and get your seeds started! ADD TO CART ABOVE!



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